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This will be the first step of an exciting journey and it’s important that you choose the right one for you. .

Study your postgraduate in the UK

At UEd, our UK based consultants have great knowledge about UK universities and the variety of subjects offered. We are here to assist you throughout your UK study experience.

Global business school degrees

Students have different priorities when choosing a business school. Is a consulting career the one for you? How important is international exposure? Do you feel that you have the right business attitude and skills but your grades at university could have been better? There are options for you and we can assist you to discover the next step on your journey.

How it works

Here’s how we can help you

With our expert team we want to make a difference to your experience and have planned the best for you on each step of the journey.


Define what your next step is

Let us know your favourite destination and tell us more about you and your academic and professional goals.


Select the programme

We can check your qualification and work experience to help you select the best course and university for your objectives.


Target your dream school

We don’t just help you get into any school, we help you get accepted to your dream school.


Build a solid application

We know the key for a successful application is preparation and an application that stands out Let us help you create one.


Mentored Interview Preparation

The selection process can be complicated. We support you on all the requirements, including the interview process.



We guide you through your enrolment, but it doesn’t stop there. We are your life long partner, there whenever you need us.

UK postgraduate application support

About studying in the uk

Enjoy a year masters degree and post-study work visa

When you want to have a worldwide accepted degree and work experience abroad after finishing your masters, the UK is the place for you, with a 2 year post study visa available after graduation.

General UK aplication support

The most challenging part of the UK university application process could be understanding the requirements. Our local experts can guide you through the process.

top tier school application support

When applying to top schools, it is important to impress admissions in each section of your application and stand out among the applicants.

Global Business School Application Support

About us

Enjoy the international

Business schools are some of the best environments for networking and meeting fellow students with diversity and different backgrounds.

Global business schools

When it comes to business studies, the key is to choose the right school among the thousands of business schools worldwide.

Top tier Business schools

It is getting more and more challenging to get into a top business school for masters. However, our expert guidance can make a difference to your application.

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