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Choose your path

This is the first step of an exciting journey and it’s important you choose the right path for you.

Study your undergraduate in the UK

At UEd our consultants have a great knowledge of UK universities and the huge variety of subjects offered. Let us guide you through your options for studying in the UK.

Global business school degrees

It’s important to know what you want from your business degree. Are you looking for a more finance focused program or one with a track record of producing entrepreneurs? Knowing what you want and what your priorities are can make choosing your degree and university so much easier.

How it works

Here’s how we can help you

With our expert team we want to make a difference to your experience and have planned the best for you on each step of the journey.


Define what your next step is

Let us know your favourite destination and tell us more about you and your academic and professional goals.


Select the programme

We can check your qualification and work experience to help you select the best course and university for your objectives.


Target your dream school

We don’t just help you get into any school, we help you get accepted to your dream school


Build a solid application

We know the key for a successful application is preparation and an application that stands out Let us help you create one.


Mentored Interview Preparation

The selection process can be complicated. We support you on all the requirements, including the interview process.



We guide you through your enrollment, but it doesn’t stop there. We are your life long partner, there whenever you need us.

UK Undergraduate Application Support

About studying in the uk

Enjoy a 3-year degree

If you want to hold a worldwide accepted degree, taught by the best academics so you are ready for the competitive job market, then the UK is the best place to study and you can finish your degree in 3 years.

General UK aplication support

The most challenging part of the UK university application process can be trying to understand the requirements.

Medical school application support

UK Medical school application processes can be extremely challenging with many steps required, including exams and the interview process.

top tier school application support

Being accepted to top universities in the UK is not as hard as you might think if you know what the admissions team are looking for.

Global Business School Application Support

About us

Enjoy the international

Business schools are the best choice for student diversity and you can meet fellow students from more than 50 countries in one classroom.

Global business schools

When it comes to studying business, the key is to choose the right school among thousands of business schools worldwide.

Top tier Business schools

It’s getting more and more challenging to get into a top business school, but our expert guidance can make a difference in your application.

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