Your Top UK University Application Support

PROFILE Assessment

We assess your profile, grades, skills, and personality and present you with a variety of options that suit you and your budget.

Application support

We are your partner through the entire application process of your chosen high school or university.

Continued support

Once at university, you can continue with our coaching, career, mentoring & employability programs.

Your education

Remember UEd stands for YOUR EDUCATION. Our focus is that YOU are treated in a personalised way. Every student is different, every journey is different, and we are here for your individual requirements.

Why study at a Top UK University?

The UK top universities are known worldwide for their creative, academic and challenging environments that help students to exceed in their academic, professional and personal life. Oxbridge and top UK university graduates go all over the world to work in the best global companies and are the most recognized entrepreneurs in top tier cities.

As one of the countries with the highest multicultural environments and offering shorter undergraduate programs at 10 top institutions, the UK also offers the opportunity to work part- time while studying, full-time while on term break and also has one of the most attractive post study work visa categories worldwide. Did you know you can stay for another 2 years to gain work experience or set up your start-up?

At UED, as your life long partner, we support you before applying, whilst studying, and after graduating… in fact, until you are settled as a professional or entrepreneur.

Your Top UK University Application Support

In this challenging process, you receive support from an Oxbridge graduate education consultant and make sure your application is spotless and that you are fully prepared for each step of the experience.

If you are planning to study at a top UK university whether it’s Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, University College London, London School of Economics or any other top UK university, you have to start working on the requirements well in advance. The majority of students who do not get a place at a top UK University miss deadlines or are not fully aware of the exam requirements. It is crucial you get professional support to secure an offer with an Oxbridge or top UK University at the right time.

Our expert team of consultants have graduated from top UK and worldwide institutions, as well as working for some of the world’s best companies. Working alongside a paid consultant, we offer unbiased advice to support you through choosing the best option for you and provide 360 support services: from applying, concierge, and employability.

Our service covers everything you need prior to the application process right up to enrollment. We make sure you have 360 support for this exciting process. Our services cater to your individual needs, whatever they are.

  • Unbiased support
  • Top UK education and Oxbridge experts
  • UK based expert consultants
  • Grades revisions and advise on how to improve your curriculum
  • Constant monitoring and updates on your application
  • Interview practice with Oxbridge graduates
  • 360 support services: from applying, concierge, employability, and more.


How it works

Support from start to finish

There are so many options to choose from and students have different priorities when choosing which subject or decide which university to apply. 

Applying and securing a place at Oxford, Cambridge and other top UK universities like Imperial, LSE, UCL, KCL, and Warwick is extremely competitive and includes a demanding application process. At UEd, once we understand your profile and objectives, we can provide you with unbiased guidance and support throughout your application journey.


Assessment of possibilities

One initial 30-45 minutes consultation with our team where we discuss your profile and needs, in order to start your application journey. Our expert team explain every single step in detail and the realistic options that match your profile.


Expert consultation and live support for Q&A

We introduce you to our team of Oxbridge experts and book a one hour consultation with them, so you are fully aware of the requirements and how to increase your chances of securing a place. You also have direct access to our team to resolve any questions. Understanding which documents are required and knowing the deadlines is imperative, coupled with knowing how the application process works. These are the keys to a successful application, and we are here to support you.


Pre-application support

A successful Oxbridge or top tier application needs to include strong supporting documents, original content and a solid interview preparation. Our Oxbridge team take care of drafting one personal statement, edit your CV and review or edit any extra essays as required.


Interview preparation and ongoing support

We book two sessions with our Oxbridge experts to make sure you get all the information and guidance to start preparing for your interview. We also finalise your application and go through every detail before your UCAS application is submitted.


Applications processing

Our in-house application team and our Oxbridge consultants check your documents and look after every detail, to make sure your application stands out and has everything required to maximise your chances of being interviewed. We let you know when everything has been completed and submit 1 UCAS application to 5 top tier UK Universities. You need to choose between Oxford or Cambridge and select up to 4 other top UK universities.


Accepting your offers

A final consultation to discuss the outcome of the application and any questions you may have. Our priority is to make sure you enroll in the university that matches your expectations. 

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